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Bianca was blissfully staring into the sky as she thought of the snake she loved. That snake just so happened to be Kaa. Yes, that Kaa. She didn’t care about his reputation. She never had. She just knew that she was in love with him and he was in love with her. Nothing else mattered to her.

They had kept their love a secret for quite a long time now. Society surely didn’t consider the love that flourished between them. They only saw what was on the outside. The love between them, however, crossed the boundary that others had set between them.

As much as they tried to keep their love a secret, there were a few who knew about it. Most of those who found out had either been accepting or taken care of. Whether that was by force or persuasion, it had always worked. This day was a prime example of this. Well, in most regards anyway.

It was approaching the evening as little Bianca had plans for a nice get together with Kaa. They were going to go stargazing out in the wilderness that night. Bianca didn’t really mind the wilderness at night. She was a tough gal who could handle herself. Still, she hurried on towards her meeting since she knew there was always something tougher out there.

In this case, one of those tougher things out there happened to be following her. That being was a vile man by the name of Mr. Black. He was an internationally wanted criminal for crimes that are too horrible to mention. His biggest peeve, however, was that he hated love. It was an irrational, mindless kind of hate that led to several of his crimes being committed.

Of course, he recognized the love that beamed from Bianca. He resolved himself to snuff out that love. He was trailing Bianca so he could take her away from the one she loved forever. Whoever it was, he reveled in the thought that they would never see Bianca again.

The sun had just dipped below the horizon as Bianca made it to the clearing where she was to meet Kaa. She was happy that the two of them could spend time together. As she waited patiently for him to arrive, she heard a loud snapping sound and whirled around…

To see the visage of Mr. Black lunging for her.

She let off a scream as he tackled her to the ground. She struggled against the man in an attempt to get away. Realizing that she wasn’t having any luck in removing him from on top of her, she whispered a desperate plea that Kaa would arrive there soon and rescues her.

“I’ve been seeing the way you look. You looked like someone in love. I despise love. This world doesn’t need anyone in it with that disgusting feeling. Therefore, I’m going to get rid all of those who feel that way, and you’re the next one!”

“No! Stop! Don’t do this!”

“Screaming won’t help you here,” he spat out.

“I beg to differ,” came a voice from not too far away.

Mr. Black looked up to his left to see an imposing sight. It was an enormous snake. It was rather intimidating to say the least.

His attention was so wrapped up in this sight that he didn’t notice Bianca had freed herself from his grip. However, he certainly felt it when she gave him a knee to his most sensitive area. His strength left him immediately and he slowly curled up into the fetal position. Bianca took the opportunity to run over to the snake.

“Nobody hurtsssss my little Bianca. I would eat you right now if I didn’t think that I would get indigessssstion. I do have sssssomething elsssse that I can do to you.”

Kaa then encircled Mr. Black so that he couldn’t go anywhere even if he managed to recover soon. He then looked straight into the eyes of the man who dared try to hurt Bianca and started to hypnotize him.

“What are you doing?” asked Mr. Black.

“Why nothing yet. Relaxxxxxx. Go ahead and clossssse your eyessss.”

Mr. Black slowly felt his will break and soon he obeyed.

“Now then, you are going to go to ssssleep and when you wake up you will not remember anything about ussss. You will insssstead go to the nearesssst ocean and ssssswim out to ssssea. Then, when you cannot sssswim any more, you will wake from your predicament. Do you underssssstand?”

“Yes,” was all that Mr. Black uttered.

“Good. Now, sssssleep.”

Soon, everything was still and Kaa moved back to the side of Bianca.

“Thank you for saving me Kaa.”

She emphasized this by giving Kaa a kiss on the cheek.

“It issss no trouble at all. Let’ssss go to the meadow now sssso we can go sssstargazing.”

“I’d love to.”
A request I received from mewt66 a.k.a. raventhedoll. Sorry that it took so long to do.
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raventhedoll Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
wonderful my pal a wonder of a tale perhaps with your writing talents maybe you can join my club

you see am working on a project a story series about kaa love 4 bianca and they even have kids,

:ps in my storys kaa is a veggie snake he only eat veggie this will explain why.


Coltsguy Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
I doubt I will. I'm more of a traditionalist, which is to say that I don't really see Kaa as anything but a carnivore. I made my whole Kaa Story series on that fact. I wholeheartedly believe that in specific settings that your story and my story and a great many other stories all have the capability of being true. It's just that I'm more of a Kaa as a carnivore kind of person.

Your stories are okay, though most of the time they are off-putting because of the grammar. I know that it's not intentional, but it can get pretty bad. I only read them on occasion if I really like the premise. Even then, I've only liked two enough that I've redone them for you as a friendly gesture. Perhaps you should ask someone to be a pre-reader for your stories.
raventhedoll Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i know i was asking ok i know your vore stors are cool once in a while ill ask u to do a story until then your storys are good
Coltsguy Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
It's all good. Still, you really ought to think about getting a pre-reader for your stories. It can't hurt.
raventhedoll Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i know
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