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Kim Possible was busy exploring India, until a coil grabbed her. It was Kaa, who was known to capture and eat ladies. "Let me go you stupid snake."

"No girl, no."

"What? You did not just… Ok. I've faced ninja monkeys, a woman whose hands glow green, and now I'm facing a talking snake."

"You look good. Perhaps we should stop talking and eat. "Ah, no thank you." Kim kicked him in his face and jump out of the coil. She ran through the jungle, but Kaa was recovering and despite his size, the snake can slither quite fast.

Kim then jumped into a tree to hide. Kaa was angry. He was searching for the girl that escaped him. He was a master at hunting, but this time he felt humiliated. How could he, a powerful snake, let her escape? He felt like a fool.

Suddenly, he smelled her above him. He then slithered fast into the tree without her knowing it. Then, Kaa forced his face in front of Kim. He then shot many spirals from his eyes. She stared and smiled at those lovely colors. Then Kaa opened his jaws wide and prepared to place them over her head.

At last, Kaa was able to eat in peace and extract his revenge for the humiliation caused by this girl. Kim stayed asleep even as his mouth covered her head. His fleshy insides wet with saliva so that she would be easier to swallow.

Kaa's maw slid over Kim's young face, drenching it in saliva.

She laid still and placid in his grasp; slowly easing into his throat. Kaa was relishing this meal. He would remember this taste for many years to come.

Kaa slowly slid his coils off of her as her swallowed her more; moving down to her shoulders.

The more he released her, the more she was able to breathe and little by little, Kim began to stir...though she had yet to open her eyes.

Kaa swallowed again moving slowly over her chest.

She gave off another little soft moan, and then Kim slowly began to open her eyes, seeing nothing but darkness at first.

Kaa let a low hiss as he swallowed her down to her upper waist, unaware she had awakened inside of him.

When Kim opened her eyes she panicked. Seeing that it was completely dark, she knew right then what had happened and immediately, she began moving about, trying to get out of Kaa's mouth.

Kaa kept a firm grip on her as she wriggled in his jaws. He simply swallowed again, taking her even further into his throat.

Kim felt another gulp shifting her deeper into his stomach and as such she kicked her legs wildly in hysteria; trying to make Kaa release her. The girl struggled, trying to put her hands in front of her to try and push her way out again.

Kaa started to have difficulty holding her, so he bit down hard on her; sinking his teeth into her soft flesh.

The woman hissed. She closed her eyes tightly in pain as she felt serrated teeth dig into her skin. Kim finally stopped squirming and accepted her fate. She wasn't happy about it...but she accepted it...

Seeing this, Kaa swallowed again, moving down to her thighs.

She gave one last swift kick, hoping to hit his throat. "If you're going to eat me, at LEAST be gentle about it," she grumbled angrily.

Kaa giggled and swallowed again going down to just above her knees.

Kim pouted and sighed. If she was going to get eaten, she might as well make it comfortable. With that she curled into a little ball and went back to sleep. She didn't want to be awake later...

Kaa lifted his head skyward, letting her legs be taken in as gravity fed her down into his throat.

Finally, Kim's legs slunk through and she curled them up as well. She formed a little ball in his throat and tried to sleep as peacefully as she could manage.

Kaa chuckled evilly and looked down at the girl-cub imprisoned in his gullet. "I hope you enjoy your ssstay, Kim," Kaa teased, "because you'll never be leaving from there."

Kim scowled and kicked his insides in defense. "Hush...I'm still sleeping..."
She laid back down into his body, and Kim sighed at her fate. "I shouldn't have pushed my luck..."
A revised version of a story written by [link] .

I like some of her stories and when I come across one that I especially like, I'll reword it for her.

If any of this is off the mark, Mewt, let me know and I'll fix it.

edit: mewt is a girl and I'm an idiot, so fixed it
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